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Our Instructor Training and Certification Courses

Course Levels

Level 1
Our Level 1 course is where everyone begins. Successfully completing this course will certify you to teach beginner pole classes and will provide you with the foundation you will need to certify to teach more advanced classes as well.

In this training you will learn how to teach and demonstrate proper posture and grips for spins, floorwork, transitions, basic climbs, and holds. You learn basic spotting techniques appropriate for this level, effective ways to communicate the mind-body connection, and standards for teaching safe basic pole moves. You will also learn numerous stability, strength and mobility exercises, and how to count music and cue movement. Additional topics include the science of pole movement, basic anatomy and anatomical considerations, classroom and teaching tips, how to lead effective warm ups and cool downs, how to create basic choreography, how to handle accidents and emergencies and so much more!

Level 2
Our Level 2 course builds on the foundation set by our Level 1 course and certifies instructors to teach intermediate pole classes. In addition to learning to teach more advanced pole movement (including inversions, more advanced ascents and descents and more advanced holds), Level 2 goes deeper into anatomy, the science of pole and using physics to your advantage, sports training, spotting more challenging moves, using PFA groups and switches to create combinations and basic gymnastics.  Instructors who successfully complete this course will understand the physics involved with static pole and will be able to safely spot students and teach one arm spins, combination spins and reverse grabs. Instructors will also be able to recognize which moves should be taught first based on progression recommendations.

Level 3
Successful completion of the Level 3 training and certification course provides certification to teach advanced pole classes. Building on the first two levels, Level 3 will help instructors develop their ability to move clients through a series of moves and dismount the pole through an aerial handstand (aka Handspring). Shoulder mounts, aerial inversion, and shoulder dismounts will be perfected. You will work more with the Pole Fitness Alliance Groups and Switches which gives simplicity to creating seemingly complex combinations.

Acro Pole
Our Acro Pole course is a specialty course available to instructors who have completed Levels 1 - 3 and which focuses on the acrobatic/gymnastics form of pole. Phase 1 focuses on stability, strength, and agility through balancing and basic gymnastic skills. In this training you will learn correct spotting, cueing, and demonstration of high level static pole tricks and techniques. This moves that will be covered are dynamic in nature and include variations of tumbles, flips, grip switches, and hand balancing on and off of the pole. This training will also cover how to deliver verbal and non-verbal cues for proper technique, how to correctly spot students for elite level tricks, and provide demonstration with the knowledge of anatomy, proper dismounts, progressions and safety precautions.  Phase 2 focuses on flexibility.

We Offer Trainings via both Live and Online formats

We offer live trainings as well as trainings via our revolutionary online system which pairs you with a Master Trainer who oversees your progress throughout the course.  

Live Trainings

Our live trainings are conducted all over the  U.S., in Mexico and New Zealand and are based on demand.  If you are interested in a Live Training, please contact us and let us know what city you live in as well as any cities you would be willing to travel to.  As soon as there is enough interest in your area, one of our Master Trainers will come out to conduct a training!

If you are close to a location or traveling to a location in which one of our Master Trainers resides, you can also contact them directly to find out their plans for a group training or to inquire about a private training (see our Master Trainer list for more information). These locations include the following (alphabetical by Country then State):

  • Mexico City
  • New Zealand
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Waterville, Maine
  • Ocean City, Maryland
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Salt Lake City, Utah