Our Master Trainers​

Amy Schoonover
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Amy is a Grand Rapids, MI native. She discovered pole dancing after stumbling across a YouTube video while looking to become a certified personal trainer. Amy instantly knew she had to try it! There was no studio in her home town, so with further research, Amy found herself at Tease Dance and Fitness in Naperville, IL. “I was addicted after my first swing around the pole. It was love at first trick!” After getting trained by her mentor, Kristin McNabb, Amy decided it was time to bring Pole Dancing to her hometown. Flirt Fitness has now been open for a full year and offers classes for beginner to elite students, as well as Cardio Pole, Pole Poise, Spin Pole, and Burlesque. “I never thought in a million years I would be doing what I am doing for a living. Pole is my passion. It is my soul. It is my life. It is what I was made to do. My life is full of organized chaos, and pole is my main outlet to keep me sane and moving.” Amy stays busy while being a single mom of her 3 year old son, Aleksander and her maltese-shitzu dog named Lexi.

Angela Houck
Ocean City, MD, USA

In 2007, Angela shocked everyone, and left her nursing career behind to open her own pole fitness studio. Pole was a powerful mind & body experience for her, and she wanted to share it with women everywhere. And, she did! She has been working with women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels both online and in her private pole fitness studio since 2007. She has a BS in Respiratory Therapy and in Nursing, and worked in critical care for over 10 years, so safety is her top priority.  She blends her health and fitness backgrounds into her teaching style, and has a great awareness of technique, body positioning, and the importance of providing a safe and encouraging class environment for everyone. Through her journey, she has been a student, a teacher, a performer, and a competitor, and she is proud to be a part of the growing pole community.

She is a wife, mother of two teenagers, and a true beach girl. Although she has always been into fitness, and is certified in a variety of  formats, she is most passionate about pole fitness and its incredible mind and body benefits.

Arloa Reston
Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Arloa is the co-owner of PoleMoves, has been working as an instructor at various studios in the Los Angeles area since 2014 including Luscious Maven, The Choreography House and Infit Dance Studio and was a cast member of the internationally renowned “Girl Next Door-A Pole Soiree” from 2014-2016.

Discovering pole changed her life as she is able to combine her love of performance, art and athleticism into a single passion. She knows first-hand how fulfilling, empowering and freeing pole dancing can be for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and is committed to sharing the joy of pole with others.

Diana Pardo

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Diana is Mexico’s Master trainer and taught more than 60 Pole Moves Trainings in Spanish. She owns Dragonfly Pole Dancers studios in Mexico. She is one of the Mexican Pole Dance pioneers. First mexican to compete internationally (China 2012), participated in Girl Next Door and won PWN Awards New Pole Dancer of the year.

Stella Melina
Santa Fe, NM, USA

Bi-lingual: English and Spanish

Stella Melina shares her passion for movement, fitness, and the creative side of pole through her teaching, coaching, and performances. Since 2009, she has been teaching, competing, and gracing the stages across the U.S. and internationally.
A lifelong student, Stella Melina continues learning and training in varied types of sport and physical expression including: yoga, ballet, salsa, jazz, martial arts, surfing, Pilates, and of course, pole dance.

As a PoleMoves Master Trainer, coach, and Spanish/English bilingual instructor, Stella Melina can guide you through a stunning performance piece or challenge you in her pole classes through a combination of pole tricks, freestyle, choreography, conditioning, and technique. She is a curious learner and dedicated instructor who delights in seeing her students as they challenge themselves while progressing and having fun!

Suz Sweney
New Zealand

Suzanne is a dedicated Pilates and Pole Fitness instructor and owner/instructor of PoleTonic Fitness based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Specialty certificatios include corrective and post-rehab exercise. A career in fitness has been a natural extension of a background in gymnastics and dance.  With more than 20 years in the fitness industry, her experience includes working at the prestigious Golden Door Health Spa alongside some of the industry’s best instructors.

Veronika Pole
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Veronika’s journey in dance has been one of happenstance or perhaps, fate. A whopping 10 years ago, a friend signed a reluctant Veronika up to attend a free introductory pole class which, ironically, was on her birthday. Immediately, she was hooked or rather, she was born!

Veronika has a natural teaching ability, a gentle analytical style, a creative eye, and a boatload of patience. As a popular instructor at several Los Angeles area studios, Veronika has worked with students of all skill level and backgrounds, utilizing her beginnings as a student with no dance training to relate to the challenges and triumphs students encounter on their own personal journeys. As a coach, she has had the opportunity to work with some of pole’s most talented artists on their rise to becoming champions in the industry.