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With our revolutionary training approach, you determine the pace of your training. Instead of trying to cram everything into a single weekend, you are allowed a full 365 days to complete the Level 1 Course!

The PoleMoves curriculum is approved by the following organizations:

As with any type of recognized sport, the only way to show potential employers you are qualified to teach is to acquire a certification. This shows them you have received the proper training and helps them feel confident you know how to teach safely, and will not put their students in any danger. Credentials from these organizations will help you stand out from other instructors who have not been certified, or whose certification has not been vetted by the proper organizations.

PoleMoves Level 1 Online Training And Certification Course

Get Your Certification Online

You will have access to the Hybrid Online Learning Management System with over 16 hours of training.

We built this with the same technology major universities use for their online classes.

You can watch each lesson as many times as you need so you can immerse yourself in the training to ensure you retain the necessary knowledge to become an excellent teacher.

And yes you can access the course from your mobile phone so you can take the course anywhere.

Your Own Real Live Master Trainer

This is what separates us from other online courses that force you take the entire course by yourself, then have you submit all of your assignments at the end.

With our Master Trainers personally engaging with you, you won’t have to worry if you are performing the moves correctly and learning the necessary information.

Your Master Trainer will be with you every step of the way; assessing your assignments, offering feedback, and ultimately giving you the confidence you need.

By the time you complete the training, you will be ready to be an awesome pole instructor.

The Industry's Most Comprehensive Curriculum

You will learn everything you need to know to teach an amazing class such as the Science of Pole Movement, the Effect of Body Alignment on Pole, Basic Anatomy, Anatomical Considerations and Safety, Aspects of Being a Great Teacher, Class Types and Sample Formats, How to Count Music, Create Basic Choreography and Managing Classroom Challenges just to name a few of our topics.

We will also teach you how to teach all of the required spins, holds, transitions and climbs you need to teach a level 1 pole class.

Free First Year Membership to Pole Fitness Alliance

Upon passing your exam, you get your first years membership in the Pole Fitness Alliance for free! As part of your membership, you will receive a Pole Fitness Alliance certificate and identification card.

Your new certification is approved by established fitness organizations and your name will be in the PFA directory on the Pole Fitness Alliance website.

If you have done any research at all on Pole Certification Training, you know the cost ranges anywhere from $600 to $1200 and many of them are not even approved by governed fitness organizations like PoleMoves is.

Level 1 Curriculum Overview

  • The History of Pole Fitness
  • Science of Pole Movement and Using It
  • The Fitness Benefits of Pole
  • Effect of Body Alignment on Pole
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Anatomical Considerations and Safety
  • Warm Up Principles
  • Cool Down Principles
  • What Movement Energies Are
  • Classroom Tips
  • Aspects of Being a Great Teacher
  • Teaching Tips
  • Types of Learning
  • Class Types and Sample Formats
  • Managing Classroom Challenges
  • How to Count Music
  • Creating Basic Choreography to Counts
  • Lowering the Risks of Injury
  • Handling Emergencies and Accidents
  • Strength Training
  • Ground Movements
  • Standing Pole Movements
  • Pole Transitions
  • Spins
  • Holds
  • Climbs
  • Stretches


Jimmie Smith

"After I found pole, and fell in love with it, I wanted to share it with others by becoming a teacher; PoleMoves made that possible. It was a hands-on, immersive training experience which prepared me for real-life situations. I learned how to structure a class, how to help students be successful, and how to keep everything safe and fun."



Linda Hilton

"PoleMoves provides the science behind technique, safe spotting methods and hands on experiences. I am now teaching with confidence!"



Vee Niz

"PoleMoves is built on the foundation of exercise science, which as an instructor gives me peace of mind that my classes are being taught with the principle of safety first. My instructor was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Her approach lent itself to more then teaching the technical aspects of pole, but to the personal side of it too."



Paulina Creque

"I had a great experience with PoleMoves training. The instructors were super informative and definitely know their pole knowledge. They have a great teaching curriculum to help with your classes, the books were extremely useful and I still use them today to help prep my lessons. You learn all aspects of Pole dancing even the science behind it which was very interesting."



Julie Tzeng

"PoleMoves was a fun and welcoming experience. The course itself was very technical and professional, which gave me a much deeper understanding of pole and improved me as a dancer."

the PoleMoves Level 1 Online Certification &
Training Course

  • Over 16 Hours of Training ($699)
  • Personal Master Trainer ($250)
  • One Year of Membership in the PFA ($70)
  • PFA Certificate and ID Card ($25)

Total Value:     $1044.00

For a limited time, enroll now for only


Or 3 easy payments of $160.00

Before registering, please note that to complete this course you will need access to a static pole and a smartphone or video camera as well as the ability to upload videos to YouTube or other cloud service and send the links to your Master Trainer.

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