Level 1 Curriculum Overview
Here is just some of you will learn in the Online training.
  • The History of Pole Fitness
  • Science of Pole Movement and Using It
  • The Fitness Benefits of Pole
  •  Effect of Body Alignment on Pole
  •  Basic Anatomy
  •  Anatomical Considerations and Safety
  •   Warm Up Principles
  •   Cool Down Principles
  •   What Movement Energies Are
  • Classroom Tips
  • Aspects of Being a Great Teacher
  •  Teaching Tips
  • Types of Learning
  • Class Types and Sample Formats
  • Managing Classroom Challenges
  •  How to Count Music
  •   Creating Basic Choreography to Counts
  •   Lowering the Risks of Injury 
  • Handling Emergencies and Accidents
  • Strength Training
  • Ground Movements
  • Standing Pole Movements
  • Pole Transitions
  • Spins
  •   Holds
  •   Climbs
  •   Stretches
What's Included:

Over 8 hours of great online training ($750 value)

With our revolutionary training approach, you determine the pace of your training. You will have access to our level 1 course for a full 365 days instead of trying to cram everything in in a single weekend.

Examination from Master Trainers ($250.00 value)

You will be paired up with one of our highly trained Master Trainers. Your Master Trainer will individually review your video submissions and your examination and ll provide you with feedback should you need more work in any areas.

One Year Membership in PFA ($70.00 value)

Your first year of PFA (Pole Fitness Alliance) membership is on us. Once you pass all of your testing and get you certification we will submit your name to the PFA website to be included in the official "PFA Certified Instructors" directory.

Official PFA Certificate ($29.95 value)

Once you have passed all of the testing phases, you will receive an official Pole Fitness Alliance certificate suitable for framing.

PFA Identification Card ($9.95 value)

Many pole studios require their teachers to have certification. This official Pole Fitness Alliance identification card is used to show that you have passed all the requirements and are current with your certification.
Benefits of Being a PoleMoves Certified Instructor

Discounts on Products You Need Most (priceless)

As a PoleMoves Instructor, you get awesome discounts and deals on products ranging from liability insurance to pole wear to grip products and more!

Monthly Web Workshops ($1000 value annually)

These monthly webinars are designed to help take your pole career to the next level. Topics range from how to get more students to how to sell out a workshop. Your success is our success and we want to make sure and help you any way we can.

Membership to our Idea Machine ($200 value annually)

Looking for new routines to teach or awesome workshop ideas? Once per month we release new videos showing you concepts and strategies to improve your student experience and create a following of people that love you.

Social Media Marketing Courses ($199.95 value annually)

Grow your social media presence with our awesome marketing courses on Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

PoleMoves Master Mind Group ($99.95 value annually)

You will have access to our official PoleMoves Facebook mastermind group. This group is made up of PoleMove instructors from all over the world. It's a place you can ask advice, share ideas and talk with other instructors to help grow your pole career.
Total Value: Over $2600.00
Start today for $499.00
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How does the online training compare to the live training?
A: For Level 1, there is very little difference as the moves are fairly basic in this level so hands-on work is not necessary. If anything, the online course is more comprehensive as there is no time constraint. In both situations, you will be working with a Master Trainer who will give you feedback and guidance. For the live course, the Master Trainer will be leading the session and working with you there during the training session, and for the online course, you will be matched with a Master Trainer who will review your videos and written assignments and offer you feedback via email.
Q: Can I take this if I'm a beginning pole dancer?
A: Anyone can take this course. In fact, it may be quite useful for beginners to take this course as it will give you a better understanding of the demands being placed on your body as you learn the basic pole movements. This in turn can help keep you safe from injury. However, if you are taking this course solely for certification purposes, we recommend being at an intermediate level or above in order to pass the assignments, practicum and written exam.
Q: Can I go back and review the material after I've completed each module?
A: Yes! You can review any section of the course as many times as you'd like. We encourage you to review multiple times to really digest the content.

Q: Do you need a computer to take this course?
A: No, you can access the course and submit your video assignments via a computer, a mobile phone or tablet.

Q: Do I need any prior experience teaching pole classes?
A: No you don't. In fact, it's much better to start out your teaching career backed by the knowledge that you gain from this course and with pole instructor certification. That way you don't risk tainting your reputation by teaching improperly.

Q: How long do I have to complete this course?
A: You have one full year from the date of purchase to complete the course and take your certification exam.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here.