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Welcome to PoleMoves

PoleMoves Pole Fitness Training and Certification began providing Beginner through Advanced pole teacher trainings across the U.S.A. and Mexico in 2009. Since that time, we have developed an Advanced Training and a group of Master Trainers. PoleMoves is working with other pole training programs across the country to provide instructors with a National Certification Exam, as well as working with a Non-Profit Organization, to set industry standards for pole fitness and pole dance schools and studios across the country. 

We are active in the Pole Dance Community, the Pole Fitness Alliance, the American Council on Exercise, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. 

You will receive continuing education credits for the PFA, ACE, and AFAA when you attend one of our PoleMoves Pole Fitness Instructor Training courses. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about our great Pole Fitness Teacher training programs.
About Us

Rebekah Franden

Rebekah is the founder of PoleMoves, a dietitian and a mother of two young children. She was a gymnast in her youth and has been trained and taught dance throughout college. Rebekah has been an ACE certified group fitness instructor since 1995 and was a personal trainer for eight years. 

Rebekah has judged several pole competitions, written for Pole Spin magazine and has been a speaker at three of the four pole conventions held in the United States. 

Rebekah’s Pole and Fitness Titles Include:
  •  2012 Winner-Pacific Pole Championship Dramatic L3
  •  2013 Second Runner Up-Pacific Pole Championship L3
  •  2012 Third Runner Up-Pacific Pole Championship Dramatic L3 
  •  2000 Miss Fitness Utah 

Arloa Reston

Arloa is based in Los Angeles, is an instructor at The Choreography House (2013 International Studio of the Year) and Luscious Maven, and is a cast member of the internationally renowned “Girl Next Door-A Pole Soiree”. 

Arloa has an athletic background, which includes gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and tennis, and a performance background as a working actress. 

Discovering pole changed her life as she is able to combine her love of performance, art and athleticism into a single passion. She knows first-hand how fulfilling, empowering and freeing pole dancing can be for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and is committed to sharing the joy of pole with others.
Arloa’s Pole Titles Include:
  •  2016 Winner-International Grand Masters Division, North American Pole Dance Championship
  •  2014 Winner-Masters Entertainment, Pacific Pole Championship 
  •  2014 Winner-Story Telling, United Pole Artists’ Poler’s Choice Awards 
  •  2014 First Runner Up-Masters Division, Paragon International Pole Dance Championship 
  •  2014 First Runner Up-Masters Division, Pacific Pole Championship 
  •  2014 First Runner Up-Masters Division, Pacific Aerial Arts Championship
Why PoleMoves?
We were the first Beginner through Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Training approved by the American Council on Exercise and AFAA.
We have Master Trainers throughout the world that collaborate to bring you the best instructor training available.

We are the only Pole Instructor Training Program that offers the Pole Progression Series Teaching Method.
What Our Students Are Saying

Linda Hilton

"PoleMoves provides the science behind technique, safe spotting methods and hands on experiences. I am now teaching with confidence!"

Paulina Creque

"I had a great experience with PoleMoves training. The instructors were super informative and definitely know their pole knowledge. They have a great teaching curriculum to help with your classes, the books were extremely useful and I still use them today to help prep my lessons. You learn all aspects of Pole dancing even the science behind it which was very interesting."

Julie Tzeng

"PoleMoves was a fun and welcoming experience. The course itself was very technical and professional, which gave me a much deeper understanding of pole and improved me as a dancer."

Jimmie Smith

"After I found pole, and fell in love with it, I wanted to share it with others by becoming a teacher; PoleMoves made that possible. It was a hands-on, immersive training experience which prepared me for real-life situations. I learned how to structure a class, how to help students be successful, and how to keep everything safe and fun."

Vee Niz

"PoleMoves is built on the foundation of exercise science, which as an instructor gives me peace of mind that my classes are being taught with the principle of safety first. My instructor was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Her approach lent itself to more then teaching the technical aspects of pole, but to the personal side of it too."

Our Training

Level 1
In this training you will learn how to teach and demonstrate proper posture and grips for spins, floorwork, transitions, basic climbs, and holds. You learn basic spotting techniques appropriate for this level, effective ways to communicate the mind-body connection, and standards for teaching safe basic pole moves. You will also learn numerous stability, strength and mobility exercises, and how to counting music and cue movement.

Level 2
Successful completion of the Level 2 Training means that an instructor will be able to name shoulder joints and major muscles of the body, as well as, points of contact and name moves based on their anatomic name. Instructors will earn the the physics involved with static pole and will be able to safely spot students and teach one arm spins, combination spins and reverse grabs. Instructors will be able to recognize which moves should be taught first based on progression recommendations.  

Level 3 
Instructors will develop the ability to move clients through a series of moves and dismount the pole through an aerial handstand. Shoulder mounts, aerial inversion, and shoulder dismounts will be perfected. You will also learn the Pole Fitness Alliance Groups and Switches which simplifies combinations. 

Acro Pole
Phase 1 focuses on stability, strength, and agility through balancing and basic gymnastic skills. In this training you will learn correct spotting, cueing, and demonstration of high level static pole tricks and techniques. This moves that will be covered are dynamic in nature and include variations of tumbles, flips, grip switches, and hand balancing on and off of the pole. This training will also cover how to deliver verbal and non-verbal cues for proper technique, how to correctly spot students for elite level tricks, and provide demonstration with the knowledge of anatomy, proper dismounts, progressions and safety precautions.
Phase 2 focuses on flexibility. 
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