PoleMoves Level 1 instructor training in los angeles
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Love pole and want to share your passion with others? Become a PoleMoves Certified Pole Instructor!
Master Trainer:  
Arloa Reston
When:   June 23 and 24, 2017 
            (Friday and Saturday)

Where:  Aeriform Arts 
            1276 N. Van Ness Avenue
            Los Angeles, CA 90038
There are pre-training assignments that need to be completed prior to the training! Assignments will be emailed after you reserve your spot.
Cost covers the pre-training modules, 8-hour training, textbook and certification exam.
PoleMoves is approved by the American Council on Exercise, AFAA and the PFA. You can receive up to 8 CECs by attending this course.

We recommend that students be at an intermediate pole level before attending the Level 1 Training. The most difficult skills in this course are the side climb, the jasmine and the figurehead. The most difficult spins in this course include Reverse Chair, Stag and Hook spins and Cradle Spins. There is not enough time to teach you the basic spins during this training since we will be focusing on teaching you how to teach them. 
In this training you will learn:
  • The History of Pole Fitness
  • Science of Pole Movement and Using It
  • The Fitness Benefits of Pole
  •  Effect of Body Alignment on Pole
  •  Basic Anatomy
  •  Anatomical Considerations and Safety
  •  Warm Up Principles
  •  Cool Down Principles
  •  What Movement Energies Are
  • Classroom Tips
  • Aspects of Being a Great Teacher
  •  Teaching Tips
  • Types of Learning
  • Class Types and Sample Formats
  • Managing Classroom Challenges
  •  How to Count Music
  •  Creating Basic Choreography to Counts
  •  Lowering the Risks of Injury 
  • Handling Emergencies and Accidents
  • Strength Training
  • Ground Movements
  • Standing Pole Movements
  • Pole Transitions
  • Spins
  •  Holds
  •  Climbs
  •  Stretches
Benefits of PoleMoves Training
Student Benefits:
  •  Learn why proper technique is important.
  •  Learn about anatomy and physics to keep yourself safe. 
  •  Learn how to warm up properly. 
  •  Learn basic pole dance moves and transitions. 
  •  Learn the correct techniques for spins, holds and climbs. 
  •  Learn basic musicality and how to put together your own choreography. 
  •  Learn how to add modifications and variations to make moves easier or more challenging. 
  •  Learn what to look for in quality instruction so you can learn from instructors who can keep you safe as well as challenged. 

Instructor Benefits:
  • Learn why proper technique is important and how to recognize improper body alignment.  
  •  Learn about anatomy and physics to keep your students safe. 
  •  Learn how to lead a proper warm up. 
  •  Learn how to teach the proper techniques for spins, holds and climbs. 
  •  Learn basic musicality and how to teach choreography. 
  •  Learn when modifications are needed to make moves easier and how to add variations to make moves more challenging. 
  •  Learn basic spotting. 
  •  Learn how to be a great teacher that attracts and keeps students. 
  •  Learn how to deal with accidents. 
  •  Qualify for discounted instructor insurance. 
  •  Get 24/7 access to our online training information. 

Studio Benefits:
  •  Having only Certified Pole Instructors at your studio lowers the risk of lawsuits alleging negligence.
  •  Having instructors trained in technique and safety lowers the injury rate, keeping students in class instead of at home recuperating. 
  •  PoleMoves Certified Instructors have learned about progressions, modifications and variations so they can keep a variety of students happy and challenged despite differing skill levels. 
  •  PoleMoves Instructors have learned how to set themselves apart from the average instructor in order to keep their students coming back. 
  •  PoleMoves Certified Instructors have learned how to structure different types of classes to keep students engaged and challenged. 
  •  PoleMoves Instructors qualify for discounted liability insurance rates. 

What Our Students Are Saying

Linda Hilton

"PoleMoves provides the science behind technique, safe spotting methods and hands on experiences. I am now teaching with confidence!"

Paulina Creque

"I had a great experience with PoleMoves training. The instructors were super informative and definitely know their pole knowledge. They have a great teaching curriculum to help with your classes, the books were extremely useful and I still use them today to help prep my lessons. You learn all aspects of Pole dancing even the science behind it which was very interesting."

Julie Tzeng

"PoleMoves was a fun and welcoming experience. The course itself was very technical and professional, which gave me a much deeper understanding of pole and improved me as a dancer."

Jimmie Smith

"After I found pole, and fell in love with it, I wanted to share it with others by becoming a teacher; PoleMoves made that possible. It was a hands-on, immersive training experience which prepared me for real-life situations. I learned how to structure a class, how to help students be successful, and how to keep everything safe and fun."

Vee Niz

"PoleMoves is built on the foundation of exercise science, which as an instructor gives me peace of mind that my classes are being taught with the principle of safety first. My instructor was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Her approach lent itself to more then teaching the technical aspects of pole, but to the personal side of it too."
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